The Business Career of Cameron Poetzscher

Over the course of many years before he was chosen to become a critical member of the team charged with growing tech upstart Uber as their Head of Corporate Development, Cameron Poetzscher had already made his mark in other ways, both as an executive and a premier dealmaker. One prominent example is his long 17-year career as a global investment professional with Goldman Sachs. During his long time there, he managed to provide a great many high-profile companies and their executives with high-quality investment guidance and advice. Among those he advised were some of the most innovative and iconic names in the tech industry, as well as a number of companies in the Fortune 50.

In addition to providing these companies with basic investment advice, Cameron Poetzscher also served as a key dealmaker for many of them. He served as a key participant in many high-profile mergers and acquisitions, partnership formations and a great many other complex transactions. It should surprise no one that Uber chose Cameron Poetzscher to be its primary guide for corporate development. His career has been focused primarily on technology and his clients have included many industry leaders and innovators.

While most of his career has been centered on technology, especially the Internet and entertainment sectors, Cameron Poetzscher also has considerable experience working with companies in other fields, including such diverse areas as healthcare, finance, manufacturing and real estate. This diversity of experience should help him identify companies to approach for deals and to get them to work alongside Uber to improve the fortunes of both companies.

Cameron Poetzscher Bio

Cameron Poetzscher is the Head of Corporate Development for tech giant Uber. In that position, he has worked hard to make sure Uber’s customers and their stockholders are all happy. In that position, Cameron has developed an excellent reputation as an executive. Throughout that company’s huge growth, he has helped make the best decisions for everyone involved.

He not only knows how to run that company’s corporate development operations, but Cameron Poetzscher also has significant and proven finance, operational and deal-making experience, as well. He is known as one of the best problem solvers in the business, with a tendency to approach problems in an analytical manner, which means he often does much of his best work when he finds himself in high-pressure, challenging situations, which he seems to use to their best effect. In any negotiation, Cameron Poetzscher is someone who can get the job done. This is something he has demonstrated time and time again.