Cameron Poetzscher Bio

Cameron Poetzscher is the Head of Corporate Development for tech giant Uber. In that position, he has worked hard to make sure Uber’s customers and their stockholders are all happy. In that position, Cameron has developed an excellent reputation as an executive. Throughout that company’s huge growth, he has helped make the best decisions for everyone involved.

He not only knows how to run that company’s corporate development operations, but Cameron Poetzscher also has significant and proven finance, operational and deal-making experience, as well. He is known as one of the best problem solvers in the business, with a tendency to approach problems in an analytical manner, which means he often does much of his best work when he finds himself in high-pressure, challenging situations, which he seems to use to their best effect. In any negotiation, Cameron Poetzscher is someone who can get the job done. This is something he has demonstrated time and time again.