Decisions Made Easily: Cameron Poetzscher

Cameron PoetzscherThere are many possible reasons why the executives at tech giant Uber, the largest ride-sharing company in the world, decided Cameron Poetzscher was the best choice to helm the company’s corporate development department, which will undoubtedly be enormously important in moving the company forward. Of course, Cameron’s experience has to be one of them, especially since that experience includes working closely alongside a number of iconic tech industry leaders and innovators.

You see, whenever it becomes necessary, Cameron Poetzscher is capable of leading the most difficult negotiations and guiding the most complex transactions, regardless of the type of transaction or the type of situation. He has structured partnerships, and led mergers and acquisitions. Not only does he lead such negotiations and complete them in a timely manner, but he even seems to make the best deals under the most difficult conditions, when everyone is tense and the needs of all parties conflict. Cameron Poetzscher has worked in partnership with many companies in many different sectors, like finance, real estate and healthcare, among others and he has completed deals all over the world.